VW Freedriving Tour

On Sunday, August 7th, I attended the VW Freedriving Tour at Exhibition Park. I had received an e-mail a few weeks prior inviting me to drive any VW I wanted on a closed course with an instructor in the passenger seat. Heck yes.

I started with the Tiguan, and found it a bit underpowered. It didn’t have a great feel to it. It was also my first trip around the course, so I was cautious as I learned the turns.

Next up was the 2.5L, 5-cylinder Jetta. This thing has a beautiful, throaty roar and it handles very nicely. I would seriously look at this car as my next vehicle, although the interior quality has taken a turn for the worse with the latest batch.

I saved the GTi for last. Now this is a pocket rocket. What a great little car. Once our Passat dies, I really want to pick up a GTi or at least a Golf as my daily driver and hand over the Santa Fe to my wife. 🙂

Here are some videos of me on the course!





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