The Most Rewarding Moment

Photo by ADRIEN VECZAN / Chronicle Herald Staff

Several years ago, I was a Client Trainer for GBS Communications/TELUS. During my last week in that position, I had an incredibly rewarding experience. I posted the following on my now-defunct personal blog soon after:

I had a training session with a client who had purchased a new iPhone. I noticed from his account information that the phone was for his construction business. I always like to tailor the training to the clients needs and interests, especially if they own their own business as there are many ways a smartphone can help in that regard. Halfway through the session, I asked him if he still worked on the “front lines” or if he was in more of a management position.

He told me he ran the company. Four years ago he realized family is what is most important and that he decided he needed to be home more and have a better life/work balance.

“That’s something my daughter taught me. She passed away four years ago.”

I told him I was sorry to hear, and asked him about her and how she died.

“She was eighteen years old. She had a heart defect.”

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