A List of the Ugliest Cars

Inspired by the “Selling Ugly” episode of Under the Influence, I remembered that I had drafted a post about ugly cars a couple of years ago. I found it in my list of drafts and WordPress and decided to flesh it out. Even though many of these cars offer utility or useful features, it doesn’t change the fact that they are just nasty looking.


Nissan Cube
NIssan Cube 1There is a reason that cars aren’t square. Beside the fact that it looks ugly, there is no way this thing is aerodynamic. And let’s talk about that wrap-around rear window. On one hand, it seems like a good idea for shoulder checks. On the other hand, the damn pillar on the other side just looks stupid. If they could do it on the right side, why didn’t they just use the same design for the left? If it was down to engineering (maybe that pillar is structural for the hatch, etc.), then I have an idea: un-engineer the Cube and don’t release it. It’s terrible.

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