Review: ReFind for Mac

ReFind makes it easy to get to your most-used folders on your Mac with just a few keyboard strokes. It’s a bit of a power-user tool, but if you find yourself navigating to the same folders time and time again, ReFind could make your life easier.

Folder Overload

In OS X, you can set the default folder that Finder navigates to when you open a new window. On my work machine, this is the Documents folder; at home, it is my DropBox folder. One folder is great, but lately I have found myself navigating to several different folders on a daily basis – my main Documents folder for all of my work docs, various folders within my DropBox folder where I can drop things to transfer to and from my home and work machines, my Sites and Movies folders when I am teaching film and web design, and so forth.

Enter ReFind, a great new utility from Mysterious Trousers, whose fantastic Calvetica and Dialvetica apps should be on every iPhone. ReFind lives in your menu bar and provides access to your most-accessed folders, bookmarked folders, and your entire drive.


Keyboard Goodness

ReFind can be called upon using a keyboard shortcut. The default is Ctrl+F (or ^F if we’re being Mac-accurate). I did find this a bit awkward at first, but rather than change it, I stuck it out. I am not sure if this shortcut interferes with any existing software shortcuts. I haven’t found any yet.

Once opened, you can easily navigate using the keyboard. Arrow keys make it easy to jump around, hitting enter opens the folder in a new Finder window, and other shortcuts allow you to bookmark folders, jump to the root, copy a path to the clipboard, and so forth.


One Annoyance

There is only one thing that has annoyed me with ReFind. It’s small, but I am hoping the good folks at Mysterious Trousers hear my plea and make a small change. Once ReFind is opened, you have to either open a folder or use the keyboard shortcut to close it again. I, like many users, are used to using the Escape key to exit out of menubar items and other dialogues, so it hurts the brain when ReFind doesn’t respond to that key.

I have also had a few issues with the icon displaying correctly, and the “OK Sounds Good” button under the Quick Help not working, but I have contacted the company and they have been very helpful. This is just the first iteration and I know fantastic updates will come along. One only has to look at the aforementioned Calvetica and Dialvetica to see the incredible amount of work this company does to create innovative, useful, time-saving products. Their support is also top-notch.

Love It

Now that I have been using ReFind for a few days, it has become an essential part of my workflow. Being able to easily call up my most-used folders and then navigate to subfolders within them and open those folders is a huge time-saver. Doing the same in Finder is cumbersome.

I have become used to the keyboard shortcut, and I use the app on an hourly basis, at least. For power users, the extra options to run commands and open items in the Terminal are godsends I’m sure.

Overall, ReFind is worth a look and I believe most people can incorporate it into their workflow. I am looking forward to the updates to this app, as well as future projects from Mysterious Trousers.


Download It (Canadian Link):

ReFind - Mysterious Trousers, LLC


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