• Backing Up Your Data

    Backing Up Your Data

    Your photos and videos, your important documents, your contacts - these files live on various devices and without a backup you run the risk of losing them all at any moment. Let's take a look at ways of backing up your phones, tablets, laptops and desktops...
  • Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon

    Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon

    Apple's HomePod is coming soon. Will it be worth the cost?...
  • iCloud Gets An Automatic Boost in Storage… and Price

    iCloud Gets An Automatic Boost in Storage… and Price

    I just received an e-mail from Apple indicating that, as they announced at the last keynote, the top tier of iCloud storage is doubling from 500gb to 1tb. I have that 500gb plan, so they kindly e-mailed to tell me my plan would be upgraded to 1tb. However, there’s a catch...
  • What the 5D MKIV Needs to Have For Me to Buy It

    What the 5D MKIV Needs to Have For Me to Buy It

    I've been shooting with a Canon 5D MKIII since its release, and while I love the camera, I feel like next year I will be ready for an upgrade. Here's what the 5D MKIV will need to have for me to consider buying it:...

Review: ReFind for Mac

ReFind makes it easy to get to your most-used folders on your Mac with just a few keyboard strokes. It’s a bit of a power-user tool, but if you find yourself navigating to the same folders time and time again, ReFind could make your life easier.

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RIP White MacBook

Apple has removed the venerable white MacBook from its online store. It will, however, live on for now as an option for educational institutions, presumably while stock lasts.

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Windows Phone 7 Review

I’ve had the chance to put a a Windows Phone 7 device through its paces for the past week, and it’s been a fairly positive experience. The OS isn’t perfect, however, and there are a number of issues that prevent it from being 100% usable for me.

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Aperture Update 3.1

I’ll post my thoughts on the “Back to the Mac” event soon, but I just wanted to get this info about Aperture out there. Apple has updated Aperture to version 3.1. Here are the software update notes:

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HTC Desire vs. iPhone 4 – Part 1

Is the HTC Desire with its Sense UI overlaid on Google’s Android OS worthy of the “iPhone Killer” label? The next three posts will detail the differences and similarities between the iPhone 4 and the HTC Desire.

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Follow Me on Twitter

@HalifaxTech is my tech-related Twitter account. Most posts from this blog will be linked on that account, but there will…

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VW Freedriving Tour

I had the chance to drive some VWs on a closed course – I tried out the Tiguan, Jetta, and GTi and had a blast. Here are a few videos of me on the course.

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iOS vs. Android

I started comparing the HTC Desire and the iPhone 4 a few months ago, and with that came an iOS vs. Android comparison. A lot has changed since then, yet things are pretty much the same.

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Netflix and Canadian ISPs

Netflix recently changed its streaming quality options for Canadian users. This is a direct response to the growing number of internet providers that are capping monthly data usage. Let’s talk about caps, Netflix, conflicts of interest, and the CRTC…

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Apple’s Back to the Mac Event – Wednesday!

After much focus on iOS, iPad, iPod Touch, and the iPhone, Apple is holding a “Back to the Mac” event on Wednesday. Will we see a preview of OS X Lion? New hardware and software? Only Steve Jobs knows for sure…

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Calvetica – Gorgeous Calendar for iPhone

Calvetica is a gorgeous, fast calendar app for iPhone. It has a user-friendly UI focusing on fast, simple usage. A busy update schedule and a developer that listens to user suggestions are the icing on the cake.

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