• Backing Up Your Data

    Backing Up Your Data

    Your photos and videos, your important documents, your contacts - these files live on various devices and without a backup you run the risk of losing them all at any moment. Let's take a look at ways of backing up your phones, tablets, laptops and desktops...
  • Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon

    Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon

    Apple's HomePod is coming soon. Will it be worth the cost?...
  • iCloud Gets An Automatic Boost in Storage… and Price

    iCloud Gets An Automatic Boost in Storage… and Price

    I just received an e-mail from Apple indicating┬áthat, as they announced at the last keynote, the top tier of iCloud storage is doubling from 500gb to 1tb. I have that 500gb plan, so they kindly e-mailed to tell me my plan would be upgraded to 1tb. However, there’s a catch...
  • What the 5D MKIV Needs to Have For Me to Buy It

    What the 5D MKIV Needs to Have For Me to Buy It

    I've been shooting with a Canon 5D MKIII since its release, and while I love the camera, I feel like next year I will be ready for an upgrade. Here's what the 5D MKIV will need to have for me to consider buying it:...

My First Mac(s)

On the 30th anniversary of the Mac, I thought I’d share my Mac using/buying history. I didn’t buy my first Mac until 2010, but I had been using them daily for a number of years leading up to that purchase. Here they are in chronological order:

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Thoughts on the Canon 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT

If you shoot Canon and want to do wireless off-camera flash, I think Canon has finally sussed it and has provided an excellent (albeit slightly expensive) solution with the new 600EX-RT flash and ST-E3-RT transmitter.

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Backup Your Data!

You need to backup your data. Put it in your calendar for this weekend or next weekend. Make a plan. All hard drives fail, it’s just a matter of when. We all know someone who has lost data, so take some steps now to save yourself the pain.

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RIM’s Nosedive

The story of RIM and its iconic BlackBerry devices reads like a fairytale – complete with a dramatic twist that leaves the hero in a sticky situation…

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Get the Most Out of Your New Gadgets

Gadgets are popular Christmas presents. Cameras, smartphones, iPads, laptops, software, and other bits of technology find their way under the tree each year. Let’s take a look at some ways to get the most of your toys.

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Why 3-Year Contracts Are Bullshit

We pay some of the highest rates for mobile phone service in Canada. To add insult to injury, we are also part the of lucky group of countries that have 3-year contracts. And it’s bullshit. Here’s why:

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Eastlink vs. Aliant, Part One: Local, Bundling, and Contracts

In Halifax, there are two major players when it comes to home internet and television services: EastLink and Bell Aliant. When choosing between providers, there is a lot of information to take in. I’m going to break down the process and talk about various aspects of each company’s offering over four blog posts. This is the first in the series.

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