Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon

Appleā€™s HomePod will be available for pre-order January 26th, and will be available on February . Except that, like several other Apple products and services, it will not be available in Canada at launch. Apple News still hasn’t come here, nor has Apple Pay Cash. Hopefully that announcement is coming soon. I estimate it will be priced at $449CAD, based on other product pricing (the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS is $329USD and $429CAD). Continue reading “Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon”

#TBT – Crashing Blue – “Triumph and Insolence”

I’m taking a look back at my band’s album, released in 2004, as a series of #TBT posts.

Track 3 is called “Triumph and Insolence.” There were lots of jokes in the studio around the title and I think one was “Treason and Petulance.” It’s about a relationship that went south, but more specifically about that wonderfully confusing situation where someone says they don’t want a relationship and things are just casual… and then they get upset when the other person sees someone else. In this case, that person attempted to pit her friends and others against our protagonist and tarnish their reputation.

Continue reading “#TBT – Crashing Blue – “Triumph and Insolence””