Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon

Appleā€™s HomePod will be available for pre-order January 26th, and will be available on February . Except that, like several other Apple products and services, it will not be available in Canada at launch. Apple News still hasn’t come here, nor has Apple Pay Cash. Hopefully that announcement is coming soon. I estimate it will be priced at $449CAD, based on other product pricing (the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS is $329USD and $429CAD). Continue reading “Apple’s HomePod is Coming Soon”

New Website!

After two and a half years of using the same web layout (which was a fairly boring, default WordPress theme called Bueno), I decided it was high time this site received a makeover.

The new site puts the newest posts front and centre with a nice banner section. There is instant access to the latest tweets as well as the (newly minted) Facebook page. All of the posts are presented with excerpts and “read more” links which make for a cleaner and more cohesive browsing experience.

The whole design is cleaner and more sophisticated, and offers much more in the way of customizability. It’s also pretty, don’t ya think?


There are two other big changes I am excited about:


1. New Contributors

I have asked a few people to contribute to the site. They will be posting in the coming months, and I’m excited to have more content on the site from multiple viewpoints. Their backgrounds are varied and I think they will all be an excellent addition to the site.


2. Hire Us!

I have had many requests for speaking engagements, workshops, and so forth. I decided it would be prudent to put some information around those things on the site. Check out the Hire Us section for some info and get in touch if you think we can help!