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As a MobileMe user, I rely heavily on the various calendar apps Apple provides – iCal, Calendar for iPhone, and their web-based offering on All data remains in sync across all of my devices, and I have access to it via the web as well. The only downside to Apple’s offerings are their appearance. They are mostly easy to use and quite functional, but they could all use a facelift.

The MobileMe calendar recently got such a facelift, along the lines of the new iPad calendar app. This is a welcome change, but I use the iPhone app the most, followed by iCal. Using the iPhone app daily has led me to see its faults. Although I am fairly adept at using it, I can’t help but feel the experience could be more pleasant, and faster overall.

Enter Calvetica – a gorgeous app from a company called Mysterious Trousers LLC.  For only $2.99, you get an incredible calendar app replacement that fully syncs with your calendar data.

There are many great features, as outlined on their website:


  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Syncs perfectly with the built-in calendar
  • Uncluttered, minimalist interface
  • Default alert time (editable per event)
  • At-a-glance month view
  • “Snoozable” alerts
  • Type right on the hour in day view
  • Helvetica

I can attest to how fast the app is. Once you get used to the slightly different layout, you can easily add events with reminders faster than with Apple’s own app. It has all the features of the default app, but adds some fantastic ones of its own, like more options for alert times, easily moving events, and of course the wonderful UI.

The developers are also very open to suggestions, and the update schedule has been phenomenal. Check them out on Twitter, and do yourself a favour and grab this app.

download links:

Calvetica (Canada Store)

Calvetica (USA Store)



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