Apple’s Back to the Mac Event – Wednesday!

Several times a year, Apple holds events to announce new products. Recently, most of these events have focused on iOS and its related devices. I’ve seen several people comment in forums and articles about the lack of focus on the Mac and OSX. It looks like Apple has heard some of those complaints. The title for tomorrow’s event is “Back to the Mac.”

It seems Wednesday’s event will focus solely on the Mac, and that’s welcome news to many. The teaser image seems to feature a lion. Could this be the next iteration of OSX? If so, what comes after 10.7 Lion? Isn’t the lion the biggest of the big cats?

So, what kinds of things can we expect or hope for tomorrow? Let’s take a look at the rumours and hopes floating around out there:

  • OSX Lion with a revamped Finder and other new features
  • FaceTime integrated into iChat
  • New versions of iLife and iWork
  • Some news on pro apps like Final Cut Studio
  • Touchscreen options for iMac and laptop models
  • New MacBook Air
  • More cloud computing support


I think an overview of new OS features is a given, but it’s quite surprising. Snow Leopard is only at 10.6.4;  it seems there is lots of room left for fixes and updates to that iteration. Then again, this would just be a preview – it wouldn’t be going on sale for months, which leaves time for at least one more SL update.

The other factor that has to be considered is the unknown. The Apple surprises. The innovations. A poster on ehMac remarked that he never saw Quick Look coming, but that he uses it all the time. I echo that statement. I use Quick Look many times every day, and no one predicted that would be a new feature in Leopard.

In true typical Apple user fashion, I am hoping Apple does not announce any hardware updates for the MacBook Pro tomorrow. I just purchased mine less than a month ago. Not that it takes away from what my machine can do, but blowing $2500 on a top-of-the-line machine hurts if a better model comes out less than a month later. But I won’t complain if that happens. I swear!

I will unfortunately be working during the event, so no live-blogging or tweeting. But I will post my reactions here Wednesday night. Have a great Apple day, Mac fans!


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