Matt is an educator, photographer, and gadget fiend. When he can afford it, he’s an early adopter to technology –  a computer (486DX2-50 with 16mb RAM), the Internet, a DVD player, Palm Pilot, DSLR, HDTV, Blu-ray player, iPhone and so on.

Matt completed a M.Ed from MSVU in Curriculum Studies, focusing on Technology Integration. His first degree was a B.A.Music Technology at Acadia University, where he studied sound recording and production, live sound, multimedia, music theory and history, and guitar. He remained at Acadia and completed his B.Ed in Technology Education and Music Education at the secondary level.

His full-time gig is a faculty member at NSCC Ivany Campus in Dartmouth in the School of Applied Arts and New Media. He teaches Video Design, Interactive Design, Drawing for Animation, and more in the Applied Media and Communication Arts foundation year program.

He is a part-time lecturer at Mount Saint Vincent University in the B.Ed and M.Ed programs. He was a Client Trainer at GBS Communications for the better part of a year, where he was also the Learning Centre Team Lead, in charge of the training program for all twenty stores across the four Atlantic Provinces, as well as the Media Officer, dealing with social media and creating videos and other multimedia products.

He has a photography & video business on the side, fadetowhite photography.

He was a regular on Maritime Morning Weekend Edition on News 95.7 talking about all things tech for three years, and has made appearances on/in Global Maritimes, The Chronicle Herald and CBC.