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An Open Letter to Canon

I love Canon cameras and lenses but I’m not sure I’ll stick with Canon if they don’t start improving their products to keep up with the competition.

A List of the Ugliest Cars

Inspired by the “Selling Ugly” episode of Under the Influence, I remembered that I had drafted a post about ugly cars a couple of years ago. I found it in my list of drafts and Wordpress and decided to flesh it out. Even though many of these cars offer utility or useful features, it doesn’t change the fact that they are just nasty looking.

Why Apple Should Win Its Latest Court Case

Apple’s latest court battle is in the form of a class-action lawsuit is over DRM and the iTunes Music Store, and they shouldn’t pay a dime.

Stop Freaking Out About the Facebook Messenger App

There has been a lot of noise about Facebook’s move to remove messaging from its main app and “force” people to use the Messenger app on mobile devices to send messages. Today, no less than four people on my Facebook feed made proclamations about not using the app. Here’s why you shouldn’t be freaking out.

Is Blu-ray Dead?

…Or Just Dying?