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#TBT – Crashing Blue – “Triumph and Insolence”

I’m taking a look back at my band’s album, released in 2004, as...

iCloud Gets An Automatic Boost in Storage… and Price

I just received an e-mail from Apple indicating that, as they announced at...

What the 5D MKIV Needs to Have For Me to Buy It

I’ve been shooting with a Canon 5D MKIII since its release, and while I love the camera, I feel like next year I will be ready for an upgrade. Here’s what the 5D MKIV will need to have for me to consider buying it:

Weather on the Apple Watch

One of the first apps many people seek out on their new device is a good weather app. I tried out seven weather apps for the  Watch:

The Most Rewarding Moment

Several years ago, I was a Client Trainer for GBS Communications/TELUS....